Railway Driver Job Qualification to Become an Indian Railway Driver

To become an Indian Railway Train Driver you should have all the necessary qualifications which are mandatory to perform the train driver duty. The Railway driver job qualification is very crucial as a normal train carries more than 500 passengers or various goods at a time. The person appointed with the driving task has to be alert all the time and not lose his/her cool even during an accident. The post of the train driver comes under the Ministry of Railway and is considered to be a promotional post.

The following are the steps and requirements to become an Indian Rail Train Driver:

How to become a train driver in India?

A railway train driver begins their journey as a diesel assistant driver where they are involved in checking the condition of the locomotive and check the signals. A minimum of 2 years’ service and 60,000 km running experience is necessary for the post of Train Driver and are allowed to carry goods.

These assistant driver works on a goods train, then on passenger trains and finally on express trains. A minimum of 8 to 10 years of experience is required before the rank of assistant driver. And after that, they get to work for Rajdhani or Shatabdi train.

Railway driver job Qualification requirements

To achieve a railway driver job qualification the candidate must have passed in 10th examination from a recognized board. They must have completed an ITI pass or Diploma in Mechanical/ Electronics/ Electrical / Engineering from a recognized institution by AICTE.

Career as Train Driver in Indian Railways

Train drivers serve passengers, freight, or pulling engineering track maintenance-related trains for local and national railway companies.

Age eligibility:

People who are willing to become train drivers must be between 18 to 30 years. In the case of SC/ST or OBC, they are given age relaxation as per government norms.


After reading the eligibility criteria and getting recruitment as a Train Driver, Indian Railways send you to Zonal Training Centre (ZTC) for training. The time period of training is 12 months which includes technical education of locomotives, and operational education of locomotives. While the candidates are on training, there are certain rules that they have to follow and these are given to them by Indian Railways. Post-training, they are sent for practical training. After its completion, candidates are posted as Assistant Train Driver.

Working condition of railway engine driver

A train driver generally operates on longer routes for which they have to stay overnight in different locations. The normal working hour of a train driver is 10 hours and they have the right to demand relief after 12 hours.

When operating a goods train, there are no fixed schedules. While the train driver is on rest or leave, they can be called anytime in case of any emergency.

Railway driver pay scale

The new railway engine drivers’ pay scale in India ranges from approx. Rs.25, 000 to Rs.30, 000 per month. However, the pay scale keeps on revising from time to time according to the experience and better handling of the task.

Facilities provided to a railway engine driver

  • Leave of 15 days for paternity is provided two times during the entire service period.
  • A medical leave of 10 days with full pay, 20 days with half-pay, and 20 days with no pay. When train drivers join after six months of medical leave, a medical test has been taken.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses when employees or their family and the expense raises after showing bills/receipt etc.

Therefore, we hope that the information provided on our website is relevant and that it can add some benefits in your search as a Railway Driver.