Role Of The WPC License Agent

WPC License Agent

Role Of The WPC License Agent In The Telecommunication Industry

The full form of WPC is Wireless Planning and Coordination. This is the apex body for the national radio regulatory of India. This Government institute is responsible for carrying out several responsibilities. The Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933 specifies all the regulatory requirements for wireless products. For the Government and private users, there are liabilities of licensing too. You have to approach any WPC license agent to obtain such a license.

Responsibilities Of The WPC License Agent

The major responsibilities of the apex body include the following;-

  • Planning
  • Regulating
  • Managing

It deals with the various resources of the Radio Frequency spectrum, satellite orbits, and other activities of wireless stations. There can be various types of licenses. A WPC license agent is responsible to deal with all these types without any problem. The license will depend upon the type of the device and the area of the spectrum. An experienced team can help a service provider in the most effective way.

The different types of approval are as follows;-

  • Import License
  • Dealer Possession License
  • Non-dealer Possession License

So, be it any telecommunication company, the reputed WPC agents can provide a helping hand to everyone.

Types Of Licenses Available

The multiple types of licenses available for the different service provides are;-

  • Maritime Mobile station license
  • Equipment type approval certificate or license
  • Demonstration license
  • License for Fishing Boats and Trawlers
  • Experimental License
  • Radio Paging License
  • Condust of COP (RTR) Examination Act and many more.

Any importer or manufacturer can get the WPC license who have WiFi or Bluetooth features in their products. Before selling the products in the Indian market, this certificate is mandatory. Therefore, no manufacturer of the related field should neglect this process and apply it promptly. A WPC License agent helps the start-ups to fill up the required form and comply with the relevant rules.

Procedure To Obtain The WPC License

A reputed WPC License Agent will provide the relevant assistance for the products requiring the WPC licenses. It is not mandatory for all categories of products. Therefore, the service provider must know the rules of the Government and act accordingly. The expert team takes a holistic approach in providing the consultancy. In short, the license is mainly applicable for the wireless products to conduct business in India.

The online steps to apply for the WPC license is hereunder;-

  • Visit the official site of a verified WPC license agent
  • Create an account in the company’s name and log in using the credentials
  • Go to the application section and select the product category applicable to you.
  • Fill up all the details very carefully and submit the form
  • There should not be any mistake while selecting the product. Otherwise, the software will reject your application.
  • After successful submission of the application, the system will generate an Application ID.
  • You need to submit the hard-copy of his application to the concerned office of WPC
  • The WPC authorities will grant the license only after successful verification of all the information and documents

Detailed Steps For Applying Online

As you choose a suitable WPC license agent, you have to remember 4 steps. The application process is very simple. Moreover, it is easy to proceed and obtain a license in a timely manner.

Step 1: Connect with the selected team of experts to discuss about your specific requirements. Do not conceal anything from these professionals. It will take around 25 minutes to make the agent understand your need. Also, specify the objective of the company. The unambiguous discussion will play a vital role in obtaining the license faster.

Step 2: After a detailed discussion, the respective organization will assign you a dedicated manager. This accounts manager will guide you in every step. Moreover, he/she will provide the required solutions to all your queries. With their uninterrupted assistance, you will be able to complete the process hassle-free.

Step 3: Now you can utilize the wonderful platform of the WPC license agents for real-time updates.It is very easy to track the progress of your application.You must keep regular updates about the position of your application. Moreover, every detail of your project should be available to you all the time. Ignorance of the same may not be a wise decision at all.

Step 4: The fourth is the final step in the application process. Finally, the processing of your application will be over. After successful completion, all the registrations, certificates, and documents will reach you via email and post. So, you can get the license at your doorstep with a few clicks. It is advisable to keep both the soft and hard-copy handy for any future references.

Importance Of Obtaining The WPC License

The telecommunication industry is a very broad sector. However, it is important to obtain the necessary license from the Government. Only then the service provider can serve the entire nation. Here comes the role of the WPC license agent. They are the authorized bodies from the Governments and have approvals from the Wireless Planning Coordination. This is a compulsion for the wireless products before marketing them in India. The customers can obtain the required licenses by contacting any of them. Moreover, they can now get all the details from the respective websites of the companies. Any wireless service provider can get the authorization by specifying;-

  • Type of equipment
  • Network licenses
  • Non-network licenses
  • Frequency allocation

Therefore, the whole certification process depends on several factors. But you must ensure that the WPC agents are complying with all the legal formalities. The in-house test offices carry out the detailed verification activities of all the documents. Any mistake in these documents can hamper the processing of the license. The WPC license agent should keep in mind all the crucial factors before processing any application. Most of these agents have a connection with the specialists to avoid any kind of discrepancies in the work process. The main goal of them should be to make the pass the verification. So, the target is WPC Approval for smooth operations in the Indian market. Therefore, anybody can seek their support at any time and any place. The only thing is that you have to conduct business in India to obtain this license.

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