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LIC Kanyadan Policy Calculator & Details

LIC Kanyadan Policy Calculator LIC Kanyadan Policy apply form in Hindi, Premium amount chart details, schemes for girls. What is LIC Kanyadan Policy? LIC Kanyadan Policy is a scheme run by LIC. This policy is helping those parents whose income is less. Those who cannot spend much money for their daughters’ education and marriage. Help is being provided to such people through this policy. Keeping in mind the future of the daughters, this scheme has been run.

LIC Kanyadan Policy Calculator

The person investing in this policy will have to deposit Rs 130 per day i.e. Rs 47,450 per year. Premiums will be paid for less than 3 years of the period for which the policy is in force. After 25 years, Rs 27 lakh will be given by LIC to the policyholder.
The tenure of LIC Kanyadan policy is minimum 13 years and maximum is 25 years. If the insured person dies in the middle of this time, then LIC will give him 5 lakh rupees more than the fixed amount. If a person wants to take a policy of five lakh rupees, then he will have to pay a monthly installment of rupees one thousand nine and fifty one for twenty two years. On completion of the term of insurance, LIC will give him Rs 13.37 lakh. Similarly, if a person taking insurance takes an insurance of ten lakhs, then every month he will have to pay an installment of three thousand nine and one rupee. 26.75 lakh will be given to him by LIC over a period of twenty five years.

LIC Kanyadan Policy Online Apply

Tax exemption to the insured – Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961, an individual making an investment can claim for exemption of tax on the premiums paid. The maximum exemption in tax is up to Rs.1.5 lakh.

LIC Kanyadan Policy Eligibility –

The age of the person investing in LIC Kanyadan policy has been fixed at least thirty years while the age of his daughter should be at least one year.

LIC Kanyadan Policy Plan

Objectives of LIC Kanyadan Policy Kanyadan Policy objective

The main objective of this policy is to make your daughter financially secure. The middle class families and poor families of our society are concerned only in raising money from the birth of the daughter till her marriage. His education should be given well, such concerns keep haunting the poor parents. You can get rid of all these worries by getting LIC Kanyadan Policy. That is the purpose of this policy. Through this policy, you can make your daughter’s future happy. From the education of the daughter to marriage and even after marriage, you can benefit from this policy. Every parent wishes their daughters a bright future. This policy makes your dream come true.

LIC Kanyadan Policy
LIC Kanyadan Policy Calculator

Benefits of L IC Kanyadan Policy 2021

  • It has been provided under this policy that if a person deposits seventy five rupees per day, then at the time of marriage of his daughter after twenty five years of premium payment, fourteen lakh rupees will be provided to him.
  • If a person deposits two hundred fifty one rupees per day, he will get fifty one lakh rupees per month after twenty five years of paying the premium.
  • The premium payment time period under this policy is limited.
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PolicyKanyadan Policy
BeneficiariesGirl children
CalculatorLIC India Kanyadan Policy Calculator
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LIC Kanyadan Policy Calculator 2021

This policy is a profit endowment with insurance and savings

  • The premium paying time period is three years less than the policy term.
  • Monthly, Quarterly Half Yearly and Yearly facility is available for premium payment under this policy. One can pay premium after month, after three months, after six months or after one year as per his convenience.
  • Even in the event of disability, a person can get the benefit of this scheme. For this, the time frame for payment of premium has been fixed at least five years.
  • Loan can also be availed through this policy if the policyholder has paid premiums regularly for three years. If the person taking the policy dies, his family will get Rs. 5 lakh immediately under this policy. There is a provision to give
  • The benefit is paid to the family of the policyholder in the form of annual installment on death during the plan. Due to which the family gets financial help.
  • LIC Kanyadan policy is completely tax free.

Required Documents of LIC Kanyadan Policy

  • Adhar Card
  • income certificate
  • identity card
  • with permanent address proof
  • passport size photo
  • Correctly filled and signed scheme proposal form
  • Check or cash for making the first premium payment
  • Birth certificate

LIC Kanyadan Policy Form 2021

How to apply for LIC Kanyadan Policy?

  • If the person who is interested to get benefit from this scheme wants to apply under this scheme.
  • So by going to your nearest LIC office, tell any employee or officer sitting there that you want to invest in LIC Kanyadan policy.
  • Then he will give you all the necessary information for this.
  • You have to choose it according to your income.
  • After this you will give all your information and documents to the agent present there so that he can fill your form.
  • In this way you can invest in LIC Kanyadaan Policy.
  • Apart from this, if any LIC agent is well known to you, then you can get all the information from him and take necessary advice.
  • LIC Kanyadaan Policy has started its official website, you can get more information regarding it by visiting that website.

Important Facts of LIC Kanyadan Policy

  • By joining LIC Kanyadaan policy, you can make your daughter’s future financially bright.
  • At the end of the term of this policy, the entire sum assured will be lumped in to the insured.
  • The premium paid in this plan will be reduced by three years from the stipulated time period of the policy.
  • If the insured dies in an accident, then his family will be provided Rs.100000 as help.

LIC Kanyadan Policy Premium Chart

Under LIC Kanyadan policy, one can increase or decrease the premium amount according to his income.
If his income is good then it is not necessary that he should deposit only one hundred and twenty one (121) rupees every day.
If he wants to deposit more, he can get it done.
If the person’s income is less and he cannot deposit one hundred and twenty one (121) then he can take a plan with low premium.
He can also get all the information in this regard from a familiar LIC agent. Apart from this, you can also get all the information related to this scheme by visiting the official website of LIC Kanyadaan Policy.

Additional Details of LIC Kanyadan Policy

Grace period is also given to the policyholder under this policy. Grace period means a slight relaxation in the stipulated time in premium payment.

There is a grace period of thirty (30) days for annual and quarterly payments, a grace period of fifteen days is provided for monthly premium payments.

No late fee is charged from the insured on payment of premium during the grace period. But if the insured does not pay the premium before the end of the grace period, then his policy is terminated.

One picture that emerges after reading this entire article is that of a happy future for our daughters. With this policy, the dream of a prosperous and bright future seems to be realized through education, marriage and even after marriage. This is a gift of LIC Kanya Daan Policy.

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