government scheme for farmers apply for registration

Haryana Govt Schemes for Farmers | Apply for Registration Government Scheme for Farmers Haryana

Farmer Registration Haryana

government scheme for farmers apply for registration

Where farmers should apply to take advantage of schemes

Farmers of Haryana state can apply online to take advantage of all the schemes of farmer interest in Haryana. online portal is available for the schemes of Farmer Agriculture Department, Animal Husbandry Department and Horticulture Department, in which the farmer can directly register online and take advantage of the schemes. As soon as the farmer registers on the portal, he can see the list of all schemes.

Online application for these schemes of Agriculture Department

Online farmers to take on new agricultural equipment grant for pesticide distribution, crop demonstration, farm mechanization ie farm yard work, micro-nutrient fertilizer, to get certified seeds, to take on all kinds of irrigation equipment grant For registration of pesticide and seed dealership, application for solar water pump scheme, etc. For all agriculture department related schemes, farmers can avail registration on Haryana Saral Portal.

Online application for these schemes of animal husbandry and fisheries

Schemes for animal husbandry such as for recording milk of native cows, for recording milk of murra buffalo, for employment opportunities for Scheduled Castes, applications for setting up dairy units, subsidy for welfare of Scheduled Caste families in fisheries sector For animal husbandry schemes, applications have been made online.

Development in fisheries sector For subsidy for freshwater aquaculture, Subsidy for development of water log area in fisheries sector, Subsidy for establishment of Reconstructive Aquaculture System (RAS) in fisheries sector, Inland capture fisheries in fisheries sector (For subsidy for village ponds, tanks etc.), Subsidy for productive use of inland saline / alkaline water for aquaculture in fisheries, promotion of shrimp culture in saline affected areas under National Agricultural Development Scheme in fisheries Subsidy for farmers, subsidy for ponds for production and construction of two circular hatcheries under “Mission formulation” in fisheries sector, subsidy for scheme for intensive fisheries development program in fishery sector, etc. for all schemes Online application can be done on Haryana Saral Portal.

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Application for horticulture department schemes

Some schemes of the department have also been made online, such as nursery license application form, to get training in horticulture, etc. You can apply online to get the benefit of schemes ie grant etc. The benefits of agriculture, animal husbandry and technology schemes can be availed from the Haryana Saral portal.

Click to register Haryana Kisan

Apart from this, the farmer has to first register to sell his crop at the support price.

Farmers click to register to sell their crops on support price

In order to compensate the government for horticultural growers at a lower price for their produce in the market, the government is running a Transitory compensation scheme under which farmers are given the right price for four crops: tomato, onion, potato and cauliflower.

Click to register yourself under the Bhavantar Bharti Yojana

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